April 2017
IH Activity- PPt on 3D Technology
HWPL:- Peace Seminar
Thursday Activity: Kitchen Activity
GS4G : A Step Ahead
Workshop on “Study of Law”
Samsara Won Laurels in Karate Championship
Special Assembly- Empathy
Skating Star of Samsara
Cycle Test -1 Classes XI and XII (2017-18)
Disaster Management Training to Samsarians
GS4G- Stimulating Human Nature Relationship
IH-Activity - Essay Writing: "The Women Who Impressed Me The Most"
IH-Activity- PPt Making: Environment Pollution
Olympiad Winners
Special Assembly on Discipline
Circular for Students (07-04-2017)
Thursday and ISA Activity- Nature Walk
March 2017
Workshop on "Learning by Doing"
Workshop on "Children With Special Needs"
Orientation Programme 2017
Promotion Event at L.G.
Visit to Kiran Nadar Museum
Workshop on Microsoft Educator
After Exam Activities
Workshop on Ill Effects of Tobacco
Event At Omax Palm Greens
Dental Camp for Samsarians
Circular for Students (17-03-2017)
Thursday Activity: Colouring competition
Event At Supertech Czar
GS4G- Introduction Class
Circular for Students (09-03-2017)
Workshop on " Multiple Roles Of A Teacher"
Workshop on Good and Healthy Parenting
Circular for Students (03-03-2017)
Workshop: Science And Technology For Specially Challenged People
February 2017
Educational Trip To The City Park
Circular for Students (23-02-2017)
Prize in "Pushpotsav"-Annual Flower Show
Workshop on Life skills
Green School Programme: Award Ceremony
Circular for Students (17-02-2017)
Thursday Activity- Gardening
Syllabus: SA-2 2016-17
Maths Lab in Samsara
School Enterprise Challenge: Khichuri on Saraswati Puja
Resorting of Class X Board Examination
Green School For Girls Programme (GS4G)
Date-Sheet Summative Assessment-2 (2016-17) IX & X
Saraswati Puja in Samsara
Thursday Activity: Speak Up
Circular for Students (03-02-2017)
January 2017
68th Republic Day Celebration in Samsara
Date-Sheet XII Final CBSE Board
Circular for Students (27-01-2017)
Samsara Won Laurels in Poster Making Competition
Samsara in NOTTO Camp.
Samsara Shines in Skating Competition
Date Sheet: Summative Assessment-2 (2016-17)
Circular for Students (20-01-2017)
Thursday Activity- Floating and Sinking
Date Sheet - XI Final Examination (2016-17)
Samsara Shines in Essay Writing Competition
Formative Assessment-4 Syllabus( I-IV)
Syllabus- Formative Assessment-4 (5-10)
Samsara Organised Aadhar Card Camp
Date Sheet- SA-2: Mock Exam Classes 9-10 (2016-17)
Date Sheet- SA-2: Practical Classes 5-8 (2016-17)
National Skating Champion- Rudra Pratap Singh
December 2016
Circular for Students (30-12-2016)
Winter Holiday Homework (2016-17)
Date Sheet : Formative Assesment-4 (Classes I- IV)
Orientation Programme in Samsara
Christmas Celebration
Circular for Students (22-12-2016)
Date Sheet: Practical Exam
Date Sheet: Formative Assesment-4
CBSE Regional Science Exhibition
Workshop - My Fruit Funda
Date Sheet: Pre-Board Exam
IH- Activity: Slogan Writing "Cashless Transactions"
Workshop on Aggression Management
Samsara's Little Skating Star
Circular for Students (16-12-2016)
Annual Sports Day
Circular for Students (08-12-2016)
HWPL Youth and Women Conference
Circular for Students (02-12-2016)
November 2016
Circular for Students (25-11-2016)
Workshop By Ratna Sagar
Samsarians attended Science Exhibition
Workshop for Teachers on "Life Skills"
Thursday Activity: "Self Introduction"
Circular for Students (18-11-2016)
Children's Day Celebrations
Circular for Students (11-11-2016)
Thursday Activity:Envelope Making
Date Sheet : Cycle Test -3 (2016-17) Classes XI & XII
Syllabus: Cycle Test-3 (2016-17) XI & XII
Date Sheet : Formative Assessment -3 (Classes I-10)
Syllabus : Formative Assessment -3 (Classes I-10)
IH Activity - Listen And Draw..
HWPL - Peace Education (One More Step)
Halloween Celebrations (Pre-Primary)
Circular for Students (04-11-2016)
October 2016
Principal Workshop at Army Institute of Education
Skating Champions of Samsara
ISA Activity- Debate Competition
Inter-House Competition- Rangoli Making
Thursday Activity- “Diwali Celebrations”
ISA Briefing Meeting
Rendezvous with Nature
Thali n Earthen Pot Decoration Activity Decoration
Circular for Students (28-10-2016)
Workshop : Air Force Stimulating Career
Inter-House Basketball Match
School Enterprise Challenge- "Nutri Pulao"
Thursday Activity- "Gift Wrapping"
Diya Decoration Activity- Pre Primary
Circular for Students (21-10-2016)
Inter-House Handball Match
Inter-House Kho Kho Match
Thursday Activity- Solo Singing Competition
Circular for Students (14-10-2016)
Inter- House Football Match
Thursday Activity- Walk the Talk
Circular for Students (07-10-2016)
Telescopic Event in Samsara
Workshop on "Value Integrated Learning"
September 2016
Thursday Activity- "Colours Day"
Circular for Students (30-09-2016)
Samsarians Shine in Yoga Competition
Samsara Wins Accolades
Circular for Students (23-09-2016)
"Hindi Diwas" Celebration in Samsara
Samsarians Visit to watch Cricket Match
Badminton Star -Aryan Chaudhary
Inter-House Activity- Essay Writing
Circular for Students (16-09-2016)
Thursday Activity- Clay Moulding
Telescopic Event in Samsara
Circular for Students (09-09-2016)
Teacher's Day Celebration
"Hasya Kavita Vachan" Winner
"Special Honour" Bestowed on Capt. Praveen Roy
Art Workshop for Teachers
Teachers Workshop on "Gratitude"
Gold Medal in Karate
Circular for Students (02-09-2016)
Thursday Activity- Card Making
Samsara shines in Commonwealth Competition
August 2016
Samsara Initiated Peace Education
Second Prize in Inter-School Music Competition
Circular for Students (26-08-2016)
Career Counselling Workshop
Workshop on Healthy Eating
Janmashtami Celebrations by Tiny Tots of Samsara
Visit to Kiran Nadar Art Museum
Syllabus Summative Assessment-1 (2016-17)
Date sheet Summative Assessment -1 (2016-17)
Circular for Students (19-08-2016)
Thursday Activity- Rakhi Making
Independence and Scholar's Day Celebration
Thursday Activity- Celebrating Independence Day
Star of The Month - August 2016
Circular for Students (12-08-2016)
Samsara Hosting U.K. Teachers
Investiture Ceremony
IH Activity- Rakhi Making
Date Sheet FA-2 2016-17
Trip to Science Museum
Thursday Activity- English Poem Recitation
Yoga Session for Samsara Team
July 2016
School Enterprise Challenge - A delicious treat
Circular for Students (29-07-2016)
Thursday Activity- Listening Skills
Inter-House Activity- Debate
Thursday Activity- Collage Making
Workshop on "Leadership in Class"
Circular for Students (22-07-2016)
Inter-House Competition : Poster Making
Thursday Activity- Cooking without fire
Circular for Students (15-07-2016)
Syllabus Cycle Test-2 (2016-17) 11 & 12
Syllabus Formative Assessment-2 (2016-17) Classes 5-10
Workshop -Career Counselling
Workshop- Faculty Development Program
Date Sheet- Formative Assessment -2 (2016-17)
Inter-House Activity- Walk The Aisle
Celebrating Festival of Brotherhood- EID
Circular for Students (08-07-2016)
Know your Environment - A Nature Walk
June 2016
International Yoga Day Celebrations
MAY 2016
Showcase of Summer Camp 2016
Worksheet for Holidays Homework (Classes IX to XII)
Holidays Homework (Classes IX to XII)
Cycle Test-1 (Class XI)
Visit to Apna School
Session on Medical Awareness
Holidays Homework (VI-VIII)
Interactive Session with Mr. Amit Kumar Singh- The Supreme Court Lawyer
Activity- Science Quiz
Holidays Homework (1-5)
Circular for Students (13-05-2016)
Silver Medal in Karate Championship
Annual Exhibition 2016-17 (PRATIBHA)
Fancy Dress Competition ( Pre-Primary)
APRIL 2016
Circular for Students (29-04-2016)
Gold Medal in Karate Championship
Inter House Activity- SUDOKU
Celebration of Shakespeare’s 400 th death anniversary at British Council Delhi
Badminton Champion- Aryan Chaudhary
Puppet Making Activity (Pre-Primary)
Circular for Students (22-04-2016)
Workshop on Environment Conservation
FA 1 Date-Sheet and Syllabus 2016-17(Class 1-4)
FA-1 Date Sheet 2016-17 (Classes 5-10)
Cycle Test- 1 Date Sheet and Syllabus (Class 12)
A thumbs-up week to Girl Empowerment
Inter-House Activity : Calender Making
Thursday (ISA) Activity- Folk Tales
Olympiad Winners
Circular for Students (09-04-2016)
Unity and Diversity Talk by Ms. Binalakshmi Nepram
World Health Day Celebration
Principal's Day Celebration
HWPL Advocacy Committee Meet